What Strollers Are Allowed at Disneyland - Dimensions & Policies

It is a known fact that Disneyland always puts your children’s safety first, they want them to feel comfortable and safe throughout the day when they are at the park so that the parents can have a stress-free fun day as they are supposed to since when do kids stop using strollers is a big question along with that, Disneyland also allows you to carry your stroller into both playlands, Disneyland and California Adventure. Our stroller guide has all the information in detail on Disneyland's stroller laws and procedures, as well as some great useful tips on whether you should bring your own stroller or rent one at the parks.

However, there are some specific limitations about what establishes a "stroller" and size criteria that you should be well aware of before you take any strollers at Disneyland. Keep on reading to find out everything about what strollers are allowed at Disneyland.

What is Disneyland's Stroller Policy?

What is Disneyland's Stroller Policy?

When you are carrying a stroller to Disneyland, or even when can babies use umbrella strollers since there are only two main things to be aware of.

  • The maximum size of a stroller is 31" (79 cm) by 52" (132 cm). Regardless of the number of kids you have, you may need to carry more than one stroller, if you need to.
  • You cannot bring in wagons or "stroller wagons".

This regulation is applicable to Disneyland Park, California Adventure, and Downtown Disneyland, as well as the whole Disneyland Resort

Here’s a tip

It is quite easy to find out if your stroller meets all the standards we have mentioned in this guide, if you are interested in knowing how to store strollers in the garage you must look into it because we have a guide for that as well. Anyhow, you can rent one at Disneyland or look at our Disney-Approved Stroller Guide.

These are the only rules you must have to follow in order to bring your stroller into Disneyland. Although, there are a few other rules you must remember when you are using your stroller at Disneyland.

  • The cast members are allowed to move your stroller whenever they want. Don’t worry when you can't find it, you might find your stroller somewhere else if you leave it somewhere. Because cast members will move strollers to make roads clear and for other safety reasons.
  • There is one thing you must be aware of already that you can not take strollers on any stairs. Another way you can easily get there is to find a lift or ramp.
  • You will have to take your child out of the stroller if you want to use the parking lot tram.
  • Last but not least, you are not allowed to carry the stroller around when you are on any ride.

Another tip: Since we are on the subject of Strollers, you should know how long strollers last, since some of those that fold up will make getting on the tram in the parking lot a lot easier. If your stroller doesn't fold up, it might not fit on the tram.

Since where strollers go on a plane is a widely popular question, we must know where gate-checked strollers go They are often the first things taken out of the cargo hold. In other words, your stroller should be waiting for you outside the plane when you get off.

What Types of Strollers are not allowed at Disneyland?

What Types of Strollers are not allowed at Disneyland?

Wagons and "wagon style" strollers (such as the one seen below) are not permitted anywhere in the Disneyland Resort.  This covers Disneyland Park, Downtown Disneyland, and California Adventure. Even if you don't plan on visiting the theme parks and simply want to tour Downtown Disneyland, you won't be bringing these strollers since you are aware of what age kids stop using strollers. The sole exemption to these requirements is when Disney approves enormous or wagon strollers for medical needs, often known as "Strollers Used as Wheelchairs."

Frequently Asked Questions

The stroller policy at Disneyland is quite liberal. Strollers that are 31 x 52 inches in size are allowed however they cannot be stroller wagons or have wagons attached to them. Is it necessary to carry a stroller to Disneyland? It is a terrific idea if you have little children in your group.
You may carry a double stroller however strollers bigger than 31 inch x 52 inch and wagons are not allowed according to Disneys Stroller Guidelines. So as long as your stroller size is within the standards you will be OK!
Rentable strollers are welcome throughout Disneyland Park Disney California Adventure Park and the Downtown Disney District. Rentable strollers are not permitted to be transported inside Disneyland Resort hotels or onto parking lot trams or buses. Wagons and strollers bigger than 31 Inch 79 cm x 52 Inch 132 cm which are not authorized.
Each attraction has a separate stroller parking space. If you do not park your stroller in these areas a Cast Member will relocate it there for you. If you are not sure where the closest one is ask a Cast Member at the attractions entrance and they will gladly point you in the right direction.
The major reason visitors cannot lock their strollers is that park staff must be able to relocate strollers if required. If you park your stroller in a non designated stroller parking spot a staff may relocate it to the proper location.
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