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Please read the following terms and conditions to make sure you are using the site properly and benefiting from all of its features, so that you may get the most out of our services and offers. The entire set of terms and conditions of use describes the acceptable use, conduct, and content guidelines. It brings together all of your rights and obligations, as well as site limitations and prohibited activities, into one all-inclusive package so that, before to beginning your voyage of wonderful parenting with us, you are well aware of all the rules.

You agree to follow all of the terms and conditions stated in the site's policy (found on this page) by using this website.

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Terms of Content

You are not permitted to copy information from this website and republish it for financial gain. Biggiesaving is the only owner and proprietor of all content published on this page. Kindly refrain from using any of the information on this page for anything than personal use. The using of this data or any of its contents for profit is strictly prohibited. Please do not copy any information from this website or try to imitate its style or design for commercial or personal advantage. Using robots, spiders, or any other type of technology on this website is strictly prohibited. If you would want to write or guest blog for us, though, you are more than welcome to do so. For more information regarding this you can contact on our customer support.

Moreover, the content on this website is copyright protected, and its use or reproduction in any form other than for personal use—text, graphics, music, or video—is forbidden. The posts on social media or written by guest authors in no way reflect our views or beliefs. We take no responsibility for anything uploaded, no matter how offensive, forbidden, or obscene it may be.


There is no certainty that any links referring to our website on any page, online world, or website throughout the internet are ours. Furthermore, as we have no control or supervision over any connections you may find to other websites or resources on our platform, we further disclaim any obligation for those links. As A result, we disclaim All Liability Regarding the Truthfulness of Any Direct or Indirect Links Associated with This Website.

We neither accept liability nor obligation for you falling for a scam or being tricked by another website posing as us. There isn't another replica of the Biggiesaving website; we are the only genuine, official page.

Additionally, any content that is delivered to clients by email, newsletters, texts, videos, or podcasts is owned by this website and cannot be transferred in any manner.

Prohibited Conduct

Biggiesaving.com forbids its users from engaging in certain types of behaviour. This includes stealing or abusing any of our material, invading the privacy of other customers, and disguising oneself as a Biggiesaving affiliate in any manner. Additional prohibited behaviours consist of:

  • Surveilling or pursuing any members of the community or actively involved members of the organization.
  • Representing the organization in speech or deeds even though you are not affiliated with it.
  • attempt to violate the Website's or the Services' security or authentication policies.
  • avoid, bypass, remove, deactivate, impair, descramble, or otherwise circumvent any technological measures put in place by Biggiesaving or any other third party to protect the Services or the Content.
  • Use the Services, Your account, or communications with other Users for any commercial purpose or solicitation.
  • Interfere or attempt to interfere with other Users' use of the Services; impersonate or falsely represent that You are affiliated with any person.
  • violate any applicable laws or regulations.
  • The use of foul language, hate speech, and obscene and objectionable content.
  • The method of employing robots and crawler software to save any type of website data.

Note: You can report a user directly to us if you see any of the above-mentioned behaviour, and we'll monitor them to see if we can ban them from the community.

Notice of Disclaimer

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