Privacy Policy

The Biggiesaving privacy policy is a set of thoughtful actions designed to improve and safeguard your whole site experience. We never abuse your personal information or disclose it unlawfully with any parties. We give you full openness regarding the data we collect from you and why we are collecting that important information.

To make sure you receive the greatest service and understand how Biggiesaving service operates, it is crucial that you review our privacy policy. You may always reach the Biggiesaving customer support staff at the provided email address (EMAIL) if you have any questions or concerns.

Our Promise

We carefully evaluate the kinds of data we need in order to provide our services, and we make an effort to only gather the data that is actually necessary. We try our best to remove or anonymize this data once we're done with it. To guarantee that our solutions are designed with privacy in mind, our team at Biggiesaving work closely with our security and privacy teams as they build and enhance our offerings.

Total Safety

Unless we have your consent or are required by law, we will not share your personal information with a third party. If we are legally compelled to disclose your personal information, we will let you know beforehand, unless doing so would be against the law.

Handling Your Data

Typically, we process your information when we are required to by contract (e.g., to handle your membership and sign up or just basic activity on the Biggiesaving platform) or when we, or a partner, requests to use your personal information for a purpose connected to their company. Examples of the data we get are as follows:

  • Delivering and improving our services and products
  • preventing fraud and risk
  • Helping companies locate and use applications through our app store by responding to questions or providing other forms of assistance
  • providing reporting and analytics, as well as experimenting with new features and services
  • Participating in advertising, marketing, or other communication initiatives

Note: The information you give us is not beneficial to us in any way. It is just done to make appropriate communication with you and to improvise the client experience.

Information Availability

We think it should be possible for you to access and manage your personal information no matter where you reside. Depending on how you use Biggiesaving, you may be able to seek access to, correct, alter, delete, port to another service provider, limit, or object to specific uses of your personal information (such as direct marketing). We won't provide you with a worse quality of service if you choose to use any of these rights.

Information exchange

To operate our business, we might need to share your personal information with people outside of your state, province, or nation. The countries to which we transfer this data may have regulations that apply. We take security measures and try to send your information only to nations with strict data protection laws when we transfer it over international boundaries.

How We Preserve the Security of Your Information

Our teams are always working to protect your information and uphold the integrity and security of our platform. Additionally, we have independent auditors assess the security of our systems for processing financial information and storing data. But as everyone knows, there is no 100% safe way to transmit data over the Internet or store electronic files. Sometimes, we are unable to provide total protection for your personal information as a result.

Using Cookies

A number of cookies are used by our website to track and gather data about you. This is done in order to give you the services that are pertinent to your search demands and specifications. You can find out more about how cookies are used on our cookie policy page. To find out more about the usage of cookies, get in touch with our customer support staff.