12 Places to Shop Affordable Baby Items for A Priceless Parenthood

Every parent wants the best for their kids and when you are going to buy baby essentials then you must consider budgeting in mind. If you are looking for the best places to shop for baby items on a budget? Here are some budget stores for you to explore and find affordable baby essentials for your tiny tot.

Buying on a budget does not mean that you have to compromise the quality, it means that you have to set some goals when you plan for shopping. So, you should shortlist some items that you need the most, search for some budget stores, and then go ahead.

1. Thrift Stores

Thrift Stores

Thrift stores are a fantastic option when it comes to finding affordable baby items. These stores offer a wide range of gently used baby clothes, toys, and even furniture at significantly lower prices compared to buying brand new. Some parents who are new to parenthood might feel embarrassed or won't shop from those thrift stores because of some reservations about buying second-hand items. However, it is one of the oldest and smartest ways to shop on a budget. The thrift stores often have unexpectedly amazing essentials that you might not find at any big store. Search to see if you have a thrift store in your area that sells only baby/children’s items.

2. Amazon


Amazon is no doubt the best place to shop on a budget. Check out the "Deals" Section on Amazon where you can find discounted baby items. You can also get a Prime membership and try to take advantage of this to the fullest. Also, there is an option to sign up for Amazon Kids Plus to get e-books on your Kindle for your toddler. You can get amazing toys on sale, often you can save 60% or more on strollers, toys, baby carriers, car seats, and so many more amazing things through these deals.

3. Zulily


Zulily is an online retailer that offers daily deals and limited-time sales on a wide range of baby essentials. It will be the best option for budget shopping for your little one. You can find great deals on baby items like clothes, strollers, furniture, and even bottles and shoes. Zulily often offers bundle deals where you can purchase multiple baby items together at a discounted price.

4. Patpat


PatPat has daily deals on adorable clothes for babies and kids. You will be happy with your purchase from PatPat as they start as low as $3.99 which is almost unbelievably cheap. PatPat is a legit place to save on baby essentials with daily deals.

5. Carter’s


Carter’s is one of the best places for baby clothing. You will find onesies, sweatpants, T-shirts, and socks, all under one roof. The quality of the clothes is just amazing, with so many options that even you want all of them at once. The best part is that the store has free shipping on orders over $35, so grab as many cute outfits as you want and avail of the “no shipping” policy. Carter’s clothing is soft and your kid will stand out because of the cute patterns and color scheme. 

6. eBay


eBay is a popular online marketplace where individuals can buy and sell a wide range of items, including baby essentials. You can often find both new and gently used baby items at good prices through auctions or direct purchases. So, if you are looking for some amazing toys, baby carriers, clothes, shoes, or pacifiers, then it is the best place to buy things on a budget.

7. Target


Have you heard about a Target Circle app for baby coupons? This free loyalty program makes you earn rewards and if you buy with a RedCardCircle, then you will be able to save a lot. The baby essentials like diapers, wipes, formula, baby food, bath items, clothes, and more. Sometimes they also have deals where you can buy so many items to earn a free Target gift card, which you can then use on your next shopping trip.

8. Etsy


Etsy has great deals on handmade clothes and toys for newborns. They also have low prices on the cutest birthday and birth announcement cards. Or if you are an expectant parent and want ideas for preparing for the baby to come, they have unique baby shower decor and invites that you can find at a bargain.

9. Hello Bello

Hello Bello is a company where you will get all baby items from diapers to vitamins to personal care at high standards. Hello Bello provides bundle deals of the items and uses plant-based, organic ingredients because kids have sensitive skin. You can also customize your monthly box with items like diaper rash cream, diapers, cotton bodysuits, mineral sunscreen, and surface wipes to get from the website. So, if you are searching for an organic brand of diapers and rash creams, then Hello Bello is your place to go.

10. Pottery Barn Kids

Your baby’s nursery is waiting for a full décor. so, decorate your kid’s nursery with beautiful rocking chairs and couches. New parents spend the majority of their time in their kid’s nursery, so if you are looking for some cute ideas about decorating a nursery. Pottery Barn is known for quality, sophisticated furniture, and decor, you can purchase furniture items like cribs and rocking chairs as well as super soft blankets, playsets, and car seats at Pottery Barn Kids. 

11. Bed Bath & Beyond

When you can't find a home item anywhere else, then Bed Bath & Beyond will save you from hassle. Their stores have unique items like non-standard sizes and amazing products which are often reviewed by celebrities. They carry a wide range of baby products like diaper bags and audio baby monitors. If you're looking to save money while expanding your family, it's worth checking out Bed Bath & Beyond's selection as they have deals and discounts available.

12. Costco

Costo is a go-to store for carrying things in bulk quantities and if you have kids, you know how useful it is to have things on hand in bulk quantity. You can check their monthly sales because sometimes they offer a sale on diapers and wipes. Also, their baby clothes selection is a must to check. They often have Carter’s and OshKosh clothes at cheaper prices than you would find in the store.

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