Best Way to Clean Baby Toys � 5 Eco-Friendly Methods

Parents need to cross numerous difficult stages in the development of a toddler. They ensure health and safety as a top priority, that’s why it’s necessary to focus on hygiene and cleanliness. Having baby toys is common if you have a toddler. But, it requires regular cleaning to prevent all dangerous germs. You need to know about the Best Way to Clean Baby Toys.  

In this blog, we will take into consideration 5 types of toys and their quick and easy ways of cleaning. You can explore the best practices for ensuring the cleanliness of all toys. No need to get worried anymore. You’re required to do some quick steps for cleaning any type of toy. There’s no hard and fast rule apply! So get yourself ready to dive into the world of Baby Toys along with the best tips, tricks, recommendations, and much more.

5 Types of Toys and Cleaning Methods

Take a look at 5 types of toys and quick ways of cleaning. No matter whether you’ve plastic toys, plush toys, or the best toys for 7-month-olds, we’ve got you covered.

1. How to Clean Plastic Toys?

How to Clean Plastic Toys?

Plastic toys are cost-effective, that’s why they are common in every toddler’s home. Parents buy them due to the durability and ease of cleaning. However, take a look at some quick steps below to clean all the plastic toys.

  • Remove Batteries: If you have a large toy such as an electronic car or any other robot, then remove the batteries before cleaning. As you know, the battery will be destroy with a single drop of water.
  • Soapy Water: Washing the toys with mild soapy water will give totally new look. You can consider using a sponge or cloth.
  • Rinse Thoroughly: At this point, you need to ensure all soapy water is rinsed off
  • Air Dry: Lastly, you need to dry the toys. Before adding the batteries or giving them to your child’s hand. Place toys in a sunny place or beneath the fan.

2. How to Clean Plush Toys?

How to Clean Plush Toys?

Children love cuddling with plush toys and stuffed animals. But plush toys get dirty quickly, that's why, it requires a different approach for cleaning. Parents love to buy the best toys for 6 month old that include some plush toys too, Checkout below steps to clean easily

  • Check Labels: It would be highly recommended to check the care label for cleaning instructions. If machine washable, place the toy in a pillowcase or laundry bag to protect it.
  • Gentle Cycle: Make sure, you’re using a gentle cycle and mild detergent when washing in the machine. Do not opt for the bleach.
  • Air Dry or Low Heat: Air-dry or use a low-heat setting if the care label allows machine drying.
  • Spot Cleaning: At last, for small stains and other small parts, spot clean with a clean cloth. It will be new in few minutes.

3. How to Clean Wooden Toys?

How to Clean Wooden Toys?

Wooden toys come with longevity and durability. One of the major advantages is, that they all are eco-friendly. But they need some care, take a look below to know how to clean them all

  • Avoid Submersion: Keep in mind that never submerge wooden toys in water, as it can damage all the wood and you need to discard them.
  • Wipe with Damp Cloth: Get a clean cloth and wipe wooden toys. Clean every part effectively.
  • Dry Immediately: Dry wooden toys immediately to prevent warping or cracking.
  • Condition Occasionally: The wood's integrity can be maintained by applying a food-grade mineral oil or beeswax conditioner periodically. So you can consider these options for better results.

4. How to Clean Bath Toys?

How to Clean Bath Toys?

Due to their constant exposure to water, bath toys are susceptible to mold growth. Some people don’t think that bath toys need to be cleaned. But, it’s not good, you should spend some time in cleaning best baby teething toys and bath toys.

  • Squeeze Out Water: You need to squeeze out all water after every bath. If you’re getting confused, watch a short video on YouTube.
  • Vinegar Solution: You can use Vinegar solution for cleaning the bath toys, Soak bath toys in a solution of equal parts water and white vinegar. It stops mold and removes all unhidden dirt.
  • Regular Inspection: If you inspect regularly, you can increase the lifespan of all bath toys. See regularly that the toys do not have any signs of mold and discard any that can't be cleaned effectively. You can easily buy new ones, Bath toys are not so expensive.

5. How to Clean Electronic Toys?

How to Clean Electronic Toys?

Majority of the people don’t clean electronic toys due to the fear of the electric components that often short circuits. But, they also require careful cleaning that doesn't harm your child and increases the lifespan.

  • Surface Cleaning: Firstly, you need to wipe the surface with a disinfectant wipe or a cloth. It would be good if you added a little cleaning solution. You will easily find a cleaning solution in a market or online.
  • Avoid Submersion: Avoid submerging electronic toys in water. Instead of submerging, you can opt for using a cloth for cleaning.
  • Battery Compartment: Lastly, clean all the battery compartments with dry cotton and let it dry in a cool place. Do not add a battery if the toy is wet.

How to Organize Toddler Toys?

How to Organize Toddler Toys?

Organizing toys is sometimes a tricky task, that’s why, many parents are searching for an answer to How to Keep Toddler Toys Organized? Well, managing and organizing toddlers' toys is not a difficult task if you’re committed to following some things in your life. As you know, if you’re smart enough to cope with things, you will find everything easy and simple.

For your ease, we’ve mentioned some quick ways that will help you manage toddler toys easily. Check out the below points and adopt the right way of organizing toddler toys.

1. You’re the First Teacher of your Child

All your actions are quickly learned and adopted by toddlers, as you've probably noticed. They always copy you and react in the same way as you do. Consequently, you have to teach your toddler how to organize his or her toys before you can expect to see his or her toys organized. Provide them with a place where they can store all their toys and organize everything.

2. Fewer Toys = Fewer Mess 

It is important to keep in mind that fewer toys mean fewer messes. Limit the quantity of the toys and focus on purchasing the highest quality best toys for 2-month-olds and best toys for 3-month-olds. Ideally, if you buy quality toys, they will last longer without any breakage.

3. Grouping the Toys

Grouping the toys is one of the best ways to organize them. You can make a group of all building toys, educational toys, active toys, soft toys, puzzles, and everything together. 

4. Purchase Baskets and Bins

Buying an organizer item would be a good idea. A shelf, a box, and a basket are all included in this list. These items make it easy to place all toys together and remove all mess. The arrangement of toys in baskets and boxes encourages children to select one or two toys at a time. Ideally, it helps your children play effectively. 

5. Take Help by Using the Correct Labels  

Labels will ultimately help you. Once you organize everything in a basket or shelf, make labels by watching a DIY. It helps your kid identify the box of toys. They will get a toy they want to play and put it back.

6. Focus on Simplicity

It is important to remember that the simpler you make the corner of a toy, the less mess you will have. Do not fill up the corners of the toys, they look overloaded and destroy the overall look of a place. Organize all toys without making them too long and pack them effectively. 

Tips For Cleaning Baby Toys

Tips For Cleaning Baby Toys

Check out the below tips to get an answer on the Best Way to Clean Baby Toys.

  1. Regular Cleaning: Don’t forget that regular cleaning would be your ideal choice to make your toddlers clean and increase their lifespan. You need to clean those that come into direct contact with your baby's mouth.
  2. Choose Non-Toxic Cleaning Products: Use non-toxic, baby-safe cleaning products to avoid leaving harmful residues on the toys. If you want to do a cleaning at home, use white vinegar and water. It can be a very good solution for cleaning the toys without any chemicals.
  3. Disinfecting: In addition to regular cleaning, periodic disinfection is also important, especially during flu and cold seasons. To disinfect appropriate toys, use disinfectant wipes or water and mild bleach solution.
  4. Storage: Storing toys is not only good for cleaning but, also good for organizing. To prevent all contamination, you need to store them all in a basket or any other thing that will never break them. You can also use a box.
  5. Teething Toys: The cleanliness of teething toys is more than essential. As you know, toys for 1-month-olds and best toys for newborns include teething toys that your baby puts in a mouth. You need to give those toys special attention and clean them thoroughly to ensure the good health of your baby.

Is It Reliable to Purchase Toddler’s Toys Online?

If you’re a new parent, you may be searching for the best toys online. Because having a baby makes your routine tougher and you don’t have enough time to go outside and buy things. However, buying toys online is good, if you choose a reliable source. Unfortunately, there are many scammers are there at the online world, so you need to be careful while purchasing toys for 5-month-olds and toys for 4-month-olds.

Well, we suggest you, do some research for the top online toy store. After detailed research, make a list of the most reliable toy stores. And then start purchasing by small order. If they deliver the same thing on the desired date, they’re not frauds and you can buy again.

Is it Possible to Buy Educational Toys Online?

A Big Yes! The Internet is full of educational toys that will help your child learn and grow while playing. The best thing is, educational toys designed to catch the interest of your baby, so they will never get bored. No matter what is the age of your child, you can buy the best educational toys online and help your child in the best creative way. In this fast-paced world, you need to opt for the smart options, rather than, staying on the traditional ways. Choose a reliable site today and buy educational toys today, you will definitely get good results.

Furthermore, you can make a list of cost effective toys before purchasing. It will help you save money while making your baby happy. Toys will be torn one day, that’s why, it would be good, if you choose a smart option.


Keeping toys clean is not a big deal if you follow some tips and tricks we’ve discussed in this blog. You can easily choose the Best Way to Clean Baby Toys. No matter whether you’ve wooden toys or plastic toys. No doubt, cleaning toys is a significant aspect of ensuring a healthy and safe life for your cute little toddler. Safe them with germs and harmful bacteria that affect the health of your baby. Make a habit of cleaning toys regularly, it will not only make your baby healthy but also increase the lifespan of all toys.  Also, don’t be afraid of cleaning the toddler's toys with mild soap and water, just make sure you remove the battery before cleaning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We highly suggest you do a regular cleaning of toys. But cleaning them once a week is enough if you are a busy person and do not have enough time to clean every item on your own.
Yes you can easily clean baby toys including plastic fabric rubber and others with water and soap. But make sure that you remove the battery of plastic toys before cleaning. The battery gets effected if there is any water.
The most safe and effective cleaning solution for disinfecting baby toys is a mixture of one part of water and a second part of vinegar. This is the most effective cleaning mixture for baby toys.
You can clean battery toys by removing the batteries outside. Carefully remove all electronic items and then begin the cleaning process. Let all components dry and then add the battery again. No need to get worried about anything.
If machine washable place the toy in a pillowcase or laundry bag to protect it. Make sure you are using a gentle cycle and mild detergent when washing in the machine. Do not opt for the bleach. Air Dry or Low Heat Air dry or use a low heat setting if the care label allows machine drying. At last for small stains and other small parts spot clean with a clean cloth.
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Kudos to the author of the blog for highlighting eco-friendly methods. The step-by-step instructions for each cleaning approach make it easy for parents to adopt sustainable practices. It's refreshing to see a focus on both cleanliness and environmental responsibility. This blog is a valuable resource for anyone looking to make a positive impact on their baby's health and the planet.

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