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The largest online community helping thousands of parents navigate through parenthood for the first time or umpteenth time (at Biggiesaving, we don’t judge)!

Our Mission

Welcome to the Biggiesaving clan, where our true mission is to support you through the entire stages of pregnancy to parenthood and to the vilest stage of kids, the toddlerhood. We make your lives a lot easier combining our years of research and reliable knowledge into finding the ideal products and baby raising solutions for you. Our website contains not only authentic but also the most up to date information you might fall in need of during the parenthood. As we all know, parenthood never ends so does our help through this phase continues forever.

When it comes to getting ready to welcome a new baby, and then raising a baby, and navigating the many phases of parenthood, we are committed to providing you with the finest information available.

We've put in a lot of effort over the past 20 years to build and improve our carefully selected collection of thorough and reliable information. Our staff of writers and editors consists of reputable journalists and industry experts with backgrounds in healthcare and journalism, who produce and update our library of over 5,500 articles on a regular basis.

Experts in family health and board-certified physicians make up the Biggiesaving Review Board, which reviews our content. They join us in pursuing our goal of becoming a trustworthy source for parenting and pregnancy guidance. Our goal is to help your life become easier by selecting and offering the best baby gears, baby products and baby product related advices to you. we not only care for your baby’s wellness, your comfort but we also understand the limited budgets and focus on finding the best selection of affordable baby gears and items in least possible prices.

Our Promise

Biggiesaving promises to deliver only the authentic and proven information to our customers. We don’t believe in favoring a product over the other just for the sake of the commission because we understand that the wellness of your baby is on the line. Our high value content is a result of months of research, weeks of planning and days of editing before we allow a content to reach you. It is against our rules and ethics to publish AI generated content as that might contain misinformation which overwhelmed parents could take seriously. All of our content and information provided on the site is hand written and each word is read before it crosses your eyes.